Whether you are a first-time investor or looking to review your existing investments, we would love the opportunity to discuss these with you. Once we have determined your objectives and your attitude to investment risk, we will be able to make recommendations for your investments which will be regularly reviewed to ensure that you are still meeting your goals.


We will arrange an initial meeting either in person or over the telephone whereby you can outline what you are trying to achieve or to identify any areas of financial planning that we feel you should address.

We will explain how we can help and inform you of the process we will follow along with how we charge for our services. By the end of the discussion, you should have sufficient information to decide whether you want to employ us as your financial adviser. This initial consultation is at our expense.


This can be a second meeting or a continuation of the initial discussion and is designed to enable us to obtain a more detailed picture of your existing financial and personal situation.

We will complete an “Attitude to Risk” questionnaire which allows us to make appropriate recommendations to you that fall inside your investment comfort zone.

Investment advice

Great service from Porters Financial. Emma explains everything in an easy to understand way. All questions are answered and we feel safe investing our money with Porters. Thank you.

Jo V



Based on the information that you have given us in the first meetings, we will research the best options for you and for your investments. If you have existing investments, then we will obtain further information from providers relating to your existing plans.


Once we have all the information we need and have completed all of the research for you, we will present our recommendations to you. This is normally completed verbally and followed up by a written summary. We will answer any queries that you have and if you are happy to go ahead with our recommendations we will move to the next stage.


If you decide to take our advice, we will complete any necessary paperwork for you and submit your applications to the providers. We will make sure that your applications are processed in a timely manner by keeping in contact with the providers and making sure that you are aware of each next step.


We feel that ongoing reviews are key to successful financial planning as it is important to make changes to your portfolios in line with your attitude to risk and your current situation. We will set review dates with you which will normally be face to face/telephone once per year with a summary via letter halfway through the year, which will be agreed with you under our terms of business and client servicing agreement.

Investment Reviews

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